Журнал "Системы безопасности" #5, 2019

www.groteck.com SECURITY AND SAFETY Industry Magazine for Security Professionals № 5(149) October – November 2019 int@groteck.ru FEATURES INDUSTRY EVENTS 6 All-over-IP 2019. Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Humans 6 Light is OSRAM. The Legendary Brand to Educate System Integrators at All-over-IP 2019 10 Maxim Medvedev // OSRAM Faceter Phone Service. Mass Market Video Surveillance, The World Hasn't Seen Anything Like This! 12 Eduard Kostyrev // Faceter Russia Sensor Barrier Argus Wins Iconic Award 2019 14 dormacaba Eurasia EverFocus IRONGUARD – New Generation NVR 15 VIDAU Systems Argus-Spectr: Two Times More Reliable! 15 Argus-Spectr INDUSTRY DIGEST 16 BEST IP PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS 20 SECURITY AND IT MANAGAMENT 26 BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS COVER STORY Cyber Security in Financial Sector 26 Pavel Revenkov // Information Security Department of Bank of Russia Integrated Security System Implementation in Gazprombank 29 Alexander Dolzhenko // Information Protection Department of Gazprombank 10 Years of Graceful Hacking. How ATMMalware Evolved 32 Valery Torchikov // Sberbank Cyber Defense Center Security Equipment Yesterday and Today 36 Sergey Obraztsov, Yana Yakunina // RIELTA Upgrade or Replace? Video Surveillance for Banks 39 Ivan Shcherbakov // DSSL Company Artificial Intelligence Soon at ATMs 40 Murat Altuev // ITV Group Cyber Threat Intelligence in Russia and Worldwide. Figures and Facts 42 Alexey Pleshkov, Independent Expert Security on Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Key Markers 44 Maria Stankevich // EXMO Cryptocurrency Exchange Best Products and Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions 46 BUSINESS, IDEAS AND OPINIONS 52 Vendor. Distributor. Integrator. Who is a Third Wheel? 52 Alena Shvetsova, Independent Expert (#cctvMadonna) INDUSTRY FOCUS 54 Bench Test. Video Cameras with PIR Sensor. Test Results 54 CCTVLab – Climate Research Laboratory ALL-OVER-IP 59 Protect Thoughts, Feelings, and Meanings in 4G Streams 59 Eugeny Eroshin, Section Editor and Columnist Perfect Street PoE Switch 59 Artem Oparin // Fort Telecom Company DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: AI, IOT, SMART CITY 61 Does Artificial Intelligence Need Human Experience? 61 Alexey Korzhebin, Section Editor and Columnist UNMANNED AIRCRAFT AND ANTI-DRONE SYSTEMS 62 Drones and Security Systems: Air Defense in Miniature 62 Denis Groznov, Independent Expert VIDEO SURVEILLANCE 64 There are Never Too Many Pixels 64 Mikhail Arsentyev, Section Editor and Columnist Expert Opinion. 4K Video Cameras: Confident Capture of Video Surveillance Market 64 Eugeny Gumenyuk // Bolid, Maxim Kabenin // Grundig Security, Nikolay Chura // Videoscan Firm, Evgeny Lee // Hikvision, Andrey Monaenkov // NOVIcam Product Round-Up. 4K UltraHD Video Cameras 69 Trends in Video Surveillance. Market Research Results 76 Mikhail Bialy // TD Aktiv–SB MACHINE VISION 82 AI Technologies: How Machines Solve Intelligent and Creative Problems 82 Dmitry Korobchenko // NVIDIA Company FIRE AND INTRUDER ALARMS 86 Legal Confusions 86 Maxim Goryachenkov, Section Editor and Columnist Automated Systems Safety in Energy Sector. Part 2 88 Yaroslav Mironenko // RES Group Fire & Security Systems Maintenance: From Paper and Excel to Automated Helpdesk Systems 92 Igor Kudinov // Okdesk Company Fire Safety Design for Unique and Complex Facilities 94 Alexander Vagin, Alexander Dorozhkin // SPb UGPS EMERCOM of Russia WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES 97 Radio Channel Security Systems. World Brands Review 97 Mikhail Levchuk, Section Editor and Columnist STRELETS-PRO on Guard of Cultural Heritage Objects 100 Argus-Spectr INTEGRATED SECURITY, PERIMETER PROTECTION 102 Reliable Not Always Expensive 102 Igor Vasilyev, Section Editor and Columnist Reliability of Integrated Security System of Industrial Facility103 Vadim Skvortsov, Vitold Vasilets // Moscow Electric Lamp Plant Solution for Museum Safety 106 Bolid Security for High-Risk Critical and Strategic Facilities in The Face of New Types of Threats 108 Nikolay Makhutov, Vladimir Podyakonov // RAN Commission on Technogenic Safety, Vladimir Balanovsky // Center for Safety Quality Management, Nina Nikolaeva // Federation Council, Leonid Balanovsky // National Attestation Center, Informzaschita SECURITY AND ABMS CONVERGENCE 112 Standards and Normative Documents in Security and ABMS Convergence 112 Vladimir Maximenko // Bolid ACCESS CONTROL 114 Protection of Protective Equipment 114 Alexey Ginze, Section Editor and Columnist Expert Opinion. Identification Systems with Copy Protection 114 Igor Yadrikhinsky // PERCo, Pavel Sokolov // Bolid, Dmitry Shipelov // AAM Systems, Sergey Gordeev // HID Global Manage Your Doors Easily! All You Need Is a Smartphone 119 dormacaba Eurasia BIOMETRICS 120 There Are Many Rules in The World... 120 Vasily Mamaev, Section Editor and Columnist Remote Biometric Identification: Exposing Fraud 120 Alexander Gorshkov // Iris Devices IDENTITY MANAGEMENT 122 Healthy Eating Culture or Why Companies Need IdM 122 Lyudmila Sevastyanova // Rostelecom-Solar Company NEW PRODUCTS 124 NEWS MAKERS 127